• Website
    A website consists of three parts that should be synchronized:
    1. The design
      The design has great impact on new visitors. The visitor decides subconsciously (sometimes consciously) through the atmosphere of the website whether the website is interesting enough to look around much longer.

    2. Content
      The most important part. The quality and quantity of information ensures that visitors will come back.

    3. The technique
      The technique provides not only the functionality of the website for the visitor, but also has a major influence on the content. The lower the threshold to the site to quickly adjust how topical the website.

  • CMS
    A Content Management System (CMS) combines these three elements.

    As the name suggests, the emphasis on content, but the design is usually via a direct CMS to change. The power of a CMS is to simply and quickly customize the content by the content provider itself, without this much needed knowledge of technology (programs & programming languages):
    • Programs: Changing the content is directly from the browser. Knowledge of FTP programs is not required.
    • Programming languages: using default fields content can be placed. The CMS will determine the content to convert various programming languages.

  • Your website
    In designing and managing a website is much upon you:
    • Which domain name I'll use?
    • where can register this domain name?
    • which e-mail addresses will I use?
    • which format suits my organization?
    • what features do I need in my website?
    • Who can set up my website?
    • where can I host my website?
    • I can easily update my site?
    • Who can give me support in such areas as law, functionality, design?
    All puzzle pieces are offered by different companies, but rarely by one.

  • SomeDay CMS
    The SomeDay CMS is a complete package of domain name registration, email, design, functionality, hosting, update & support.
    • Domain name and e-mail
      Someday takes care of the domain name and e-mail accounts. If you are the holder of course owner.

    • Design
      Someday identify your needs and will look for an appropriate design or in conjunction with a new design (to) make.

    • Functionality and hosting
      The CMS has many options and is currently available in 6 languages. The functions are continually expanded and improved. Standard package includes 50 MB web space.

    • Support
      Annual support hours

      • Someday possible explanation CMS
      • support for substantive changes
      • support for design changes
      • expand functionalities: on your request, but also on its own initiative Someday
      • support regulatory

  • Examples